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Year 4


The Queen's 90th Birthday Party


Year 4 enjoyed marking the occasion of the Queen's 90th birthday with a celebratory assembly and a tea party in the grounds.








On 26th May year 4 were lucky to have Dave Shaw, an expert on rainforests, come in to deliver a fun-filled day all about the rainforest. He bought in many different artefacts including some stick insects, a milk snake and the world's largest spider, the goliath bird-eating spider! The children found it a really interesting day, enjoying it immensely. They had their faces painted and drew some of the animals of the rainforest.









Living Together Topic


Year 4 shared their Living Together topic with parents, showing the work they had been doing on the local community, including our school and the town of Warwick. As part of their topic studies they had contrasted their community to that of Bo in Sierra Leone and explored the differences between the two. The looked at life in Bo, including what schools are like there, how to make the staple food of gari, and what clothes they wear.






Year 4 enjoyed being models and narrators for a Sierra Leone fashion show as part of the topic afternoon. They had learnt how the traditional method of weaving cloth happens in Bo. They choreographed their own routines and narrators spoke over the music of Freetown musician Bobby Feli.







The Easter Story


As part of their RE lessons year 4 used drama to help them learn about the Easter story. Here we are sharing the Passover Meal (Jesus' Last Supper) of bread and wine (blackcurrant squash!).





Experimenting with Science


As part of our science topic States of Matter we carried out an experiment to see what happens when different substances are dissolved in water. The challenge was to make it an accurate and 'fair' test.








What an Attraction


We were privileged to have Liz Healy from Warwick Tourist Board visit us to talk about attractions in Warwick. This helped us with our research into the local community. Combining our topic and literacy skills we designed our own leaflets for children who visit our local community.




Ok to Dive

To help year 4 gain a better understanding of a day in the life of the title character from their latest book Dougal's Deep Sea Diary by Simon Bartram, Paul Daniels from the Leamington and Warwick British Sub-Aqua Club talked through everything involved in deep sea diving. He even demonstrated how to put on the equipment, which was extremely heavy! He then kindly answered an amazing number of questions the children had for him. In the picture below the children are using the underwater signal to confirm they are "OK to dive". 




Designs on Gingerbread


Year 4 helped a member of staff from Tesco create a new gingerbread man decoration design.





Temples, Tombs and Treasures


The children used a poem, drama and song to showcase to their parents a snapshot of what they had learned during their topic on "Temples, Tombs and Treasures", before inviting them to look at their topic books, Pyramid poems and amazing topic homework completed.




Year 4 have experienced Ancient Egypt in their classrooms; they wrote on real papyrus with authentic reed pencils and they sculptured their own Shabti out of special modelling clay. They also participated in drama, enjoyed dressing up and carefully observed and studied genuine Ancient Egyptian artefacts. It was a great morning for children and staff!









Shake It!


In our topic Shake It the children in year 4 discovered the three different states of matter using milk. Included in this topic they made a range of different foods including their very own ice-cream, butter and cheese. Some of the activities they took part in included melting butter on toast and worked out if different processes were reversible or irreversible. They also took part in the Tesco milk-tasting challenge, where they had to taste 15 different milk products (without knowing what they were) and rating them. We then went on to use the data collected and create different graphs to show the class favourites. 







Year 4 discovered how to make cheese, and had a tasting to see what different cheeses were like.









At the exit point of the Shake It topic parents were invited in to the school to help the children identify a variety of cheeses through taste and descriptions. Then they had the opportunity to taste the children’s efforts of making butter with some homemade scones.



























Year 4 completed a fraction challenge in their maths lessons.



























Year 4 had a fabulous day with the Rainforest Road Show.  The children were able to meet up close some of the animals they had been learning about in our topic Saving Our World which focused on the rainforests in South America as well as Australia.  There was a lot of artefacts from the rainforest that the children were able to put on and study in detail to create their own artwork. They also had their faces painted with traditional tribal designs.








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