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Year 4

Personal Challenge Workshop


On Friday 8th June, 4SL attended the 'Personal Challenge' Workshop, hosted by Campion School. Whilst they were there, the children completed a series of circuit style activities where they had to beat their 'Personal Best'. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to see all children involved, doing their best and encouraging and congratulating one another on each others' performances.






Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare Week


On Friday 16th March, Year 4 had an exciting trip to Stratford Upon Avon as part of Shakespeare week. Activities included a tour of the RSC theatre, a town walk with a visit to Shakespeare's birthplace and grave and an interactive workshop.  A fabulous time was had by all.








Warwick Town Walk


On Tuesday 6th February, Year 4 had the opportunity to walk to Warwick Town Centre to learn more about our local community as part of our topic for the Spring Term. We were taken around the town by 3 guides from the 'Unlocking Warwick' group. We learned lots of really interesting facts from our guides. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time, despite it being quite chilly!!










The Stars are coming out for Christmas


Year 4 have been enjoying rehearsing and performing their Christmas production.



Christingle Tradition


Year 4 were privileged to attend the Christingle Service at Coventry Cathedral.  We song our song 'Hope of Heaven'.  The Cathedral kindly gave every child a Christingle orange and candle to make our own Christingles back at school.






Making the Christingles in class


We discussed the meaning of the Christingle, the orange represents the world, the ribbon tied around the orange indicates God's loves wrapped around the world, the candle symbolises Jesus, the light of the world, the cocktail sticks and the sweets are symbols of God's creations.



Lighting the Christingles







Topic Afternoon


We had a wonderful selection of snacks at our topic afternoon. The children brought in lots of food they had made at home.




This amazing cake was made as part of our Egyptian project.



Thank you to all the parents who were able to come along to our topic afternoon and share in the childrens' learning.






Maths Investigations


Year 4 have been working really hard completing maths investigations.







What Is Democracy?


The theme for 4MJ's assembly was Democracy, everyone had the chance to vote which they

really enjoyed and we had fun telling them about it.






Ice Cream Surprise


We have again had a visit from Gallones Ice Cream Parlour.  We were given lots of different flavours of ice-cream which were all coloured yellow and had to try and guess the flavour. 

Mr Jacobs liked the Thai Green Curry best.









Erasmus Visit


Year 4 were taught games by our visitors from Hungary, they then took time to enjoy playing them.






We played a game where we pretended to be squirrels who were trying to find their way home.





Sound Science


In science, Year 4 have been testing which materials would best muffle the sound of an alarm. 






Trip to Legoland


Year 4 had an amazing day out visiting Legoland in Windsor.  They enjoyed exploring miniland, trying out the interactive attractions and riding the rides.  They even had the chance to test their driving skills on the L-Drivers driving course.











Sound Science


In Year 4 we have been looking at sound. The children explored how we hear, and each experiment tested how different mediums transport sound. 






Warwick Castle Science Fair


On Friday 24th March, year 4 visited and took part in the Science Fair at Warwick Castle. Here, they participated in many activities, including making their own slime and creating and launching rockets. They also had the opportunity to watch many science shows, learning lots about different scientific concepts. A great day was had by all!








Science Week - Making Toothpaste


In Year 4, children made their own toothpaste using cornflour, glycerine, bicarbonate of soda, salt, peppermint flavouring, blue colouring and a small amount of water.  Once their toothpaste was made, children tested the following:


 - If it removed plaque?

- Did the paste stay on the brush?

- How did it smell?

- Did it have an attractive colour?


To test if their toothpaste removed plaque, a circle was drawn in permanent marker onto a tile. If they were able to brush away the permanent marker (plaque) it had worked! 









Easter Cakes


Year 4 have been busy making Easter Simnel Cake with Mrs Goss as part of the Erasmus project. The children had great fun decorating their own individual Simnel cakes with yellow icing and adding in the 11 eggs to represent the 11 disciples. They all really enjoyed this activity, including eating the cake complete with chick and mini eggs.










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