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Year 5

Out Of This World


Year 5 had fun exploring at the National Space Centre as part of their Mission to Mars topic. We learnt lots of things, including how astronauts survive and cope in space.







Royal Birthday Party


Year 5 celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday in style with a tea party in the grounds, complete with party games.





St George


Class 5LC did an assembly on St George's Day. They explained who St George is, what his name day celebrates, and the stories about him (including George and the Dragon).





Always Take The Weather With You


Parents were invited to see what year 5 had been learning through their topic Weather and Climate. The children shared their work with their parents and then tried out a variety of activities with them including: making a weather vane; making a tornado in a jar; word searches (which the children had made); and creating art, in the style of Linda Dawn Lang, using oil pastels.







Flat Out For Pancakes


We partipated again in the annual treat that is the Warwick Pancake Race.







Cross of Nails Assembly


Class 5LC hald a Cross of Nails assembly, explaining the origins of the cross, what it symbolises and why All Saints' is an International Cross of Nails School (see the Church School page for more information).





What a Performance


Years 5 and 6 put on a good show for their Christmas production of Santa's Christmas Circus Extravaganza.





Putting a Brave Face On


Here are some pictures of our ancient Greek masks we made out of paper mache linking to our topic "The Great, the Bold and the Brave".






Historic Day


An Anglo-Saxon experience day at Priory House in Warwick provided fun opportunities to discover more about this important historical period. The children took part in activities such as working on an archaeologist's dig where they had to put together a broken pot, finding Anglo-Saxon place names in Warwickshire, brooch Making, writing messages in ink using runes (the Germanic alphabet used at the time, before the adoption of the Latin alphabet), and listening to a story of Beowulf.











Learn All About It


Parents were invited to see what year 5 had been learning through their topic "The Great, The Bold and The Brave" (Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings) and the science topic "Bake it!". There was a variety of activities for the children and their parents to try including bread tasting, secret runes message decoding, carbon dioxide investigation and word searches.






Eco Flowery Fun

All Saints’ Eco Club went with four other schools to Warwick train station to plant some pansies. The year 5 children really enjoyed the experience, despite the rainy weather. Do go and see their efforts; look for the tub in the middle with the most pansies!






Let it Grow


As part of their science topic "Bake It!" the children had fun completing an investigation about yeast. 





Sharing Information


Year 5 investigated how data travels around the internet and is then reassembled as a file or output at the other end, for example as a webpage or sound. The children discovered that not every file can travel around the internet intact all at the same time due to the amount of data in varied file types.

They used large tubes to simulate the networks, and cut webpages, photos and emails up into tiny packets of data. They then sent these around the room and tried to reassemble them again. It took them a lot longer to reassemble them than they had imagined, and they were impressed to discover that it all happens in the blink of an eye, from across the world, across billions of devices simultaneously.











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