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Year 5

Christmas is Forever


Year 5 have enjoyed rehearsing and performing their play 'Christmas is Forever'






We are Authors


The children have been writing and publishing their own stories. They then read their completed books to year 3.








The Great, The Bold and The Brave


For our topic entry point, we have been creating Parthenons using only newspaper and masking tape.  The children had lots of fun and produced some brilliant designs.







Making Froth!


In science, we have been experimenting adding different ingredients to yeast to see which would create the most froth.





Erasmus Visit


Year 5 were taught a dance and played games with the teacher from Latvia.







RE Role-Play


In RE the children created freeze-frames, through role-play, of the Buddhist Eight-fold path










Warwickshire Junior Book Awards



Some of our Year 5 children have been taking part in the Warwickshire Junior Book award. They have read the four short-listed titles and voted for their favourites. On 12th July they visited the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington for the award ceremony where the winning book was revealed. The event was attended by three of the authors and the children really enjoyed hearing from them and having the opportunity to get our books autographed. Look out for all four titles in the library from September.



Myton Maths Challenge


On Friday 7th July 4 of our year 5 children went to the maths challenge morning at Myton School. The acvtivities involved them working on there own, in pairs and as a whole team to complete a wide range of different logic and maths problems. 


The children performed brilliantly scoring full marks in one challenge and scoring really highly in others.  We were really proud of how they worked together and extremely pleased that they came first out of all the teams that attended.  Well done!






Visit to the Space Centre


To end their topic on space, year 5 had an exciting and very interactive day out at the Space Centre in Leicester on 20th June. Activities included a 'tour of the night sky' in the UK's largest domed planetarium, exploring the iconic rocket tower and visiting six galleries full of space suits, rockets, satellites and metorites.










Young Scholars Programme


On Wednesday 17th May selected pupils from year 5 visited Clare College in Cambridge as part of the Young Scholars programme.  They had an inspiring day out, touring the university and visiting the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology.









Tug of War


As part of our new topic, forces, we played tug of war to help us experiment with different forces.  We used our exisiting knowledge to build the best and most effective team.  We thought about the following:  shoe size, number in team, length of rope, height of team and whether it made a difference if you were a boy or a girl.






St George's Day Assembly


Class 5DW did an assembly for St George's Day.  They explained who St George is, what his name day celebrates, and the stories about him.







Visit to Brandon Marsh


On Wednesday 29th March, year 5 visited Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve. We took part in 4 exciting activities, which link to our current science topic, ‘Living Things’, these were:

  • Den Building
  • Mini Beast Hunt
  • Pond Dipping
  • Orienteering





The children showed great inquisitiveness and team working skills throughout the day and some of them even overcame certain fears.


                                          Midsummer Night's Dream


Miss Codd's Literacy group have been looking at the play 'Midsummer Night's Dream'.  For one of the sessions the children worked in groups to freeze frame the play, thinking about their expressions. They then had to 'come alive' in the scene for a few seconds and think carefully about what the characters might say or do. Over the two weeks the children produced some great work and really got to understand the play.







Science Week - March 2017


Science week this year was based around change and in year five we decided to complete many activities which link to this.


Changing Like the Wind


This activity involved the children making bubble wands.  The children had to blow a bubble and follow it until it popped or the children couldn’t go any further.  At the end of the experiment the children stood where the majority of their bubbles had landed.  We came to the conclusion that all the bubbles ended up in the direction the wind was blowing.




Colours, Colours Everywhere


The children placed the skittles in a sequenced pattern around the edge of their plate and then added water. They noticed that the colour separated from the sweet, colouring the water, however the colours did not mix together.




Secret Message


The children used lime/lemon juice to write a secret message using a cocktail stick on a plain piece of paper. They then heated the paper over a tea light to reveal the secret message.




Contemplating Buddhism


As part of their RE work the children visited the Buddhist Forest Hermitage at Fulbrook. They learnt how to meditate and about the Buddhist way of life.



Fire Safety Talk


The Leamington Fire Brigade came and talked to the year 5 children about fire safety in and around their home.  The children had to practice the all-important "stop, drop and roll" procedure you should do if your clothing catches fire.




Discovering Anglo-Saxon Life


Year 5 went to Priory House in Warwick for an Anglo-Saxon experience. The day was fantastic and we learnt so much about them. We completed many fun activities including: taking part in an archaeologist's dig where we put together a broken pot; looking for Anglo-Saxon place names in Warwickshire; brooch making; and writing message in ink using "runes". We also listened to the epic poem Beowulf.








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