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Year 6

Maths Games


On Friday 16th February we were asked to create our own maths game. We needed to include questions about percentages of amounts. We could also use questions about the four operations and BODMAS. ​  Not only did this give us the chance to be creative, we used our reasoning and problem solving skills within our group. 






Natural History Museum


As part of their history topic Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum in London.



Read below the pupils accounts of the day:


Firstly we went to a variety show.  The man that led it introduced himself, he said his name was Connor.  He said that we are going to talk about humans so we looked at some types of species, a girl from the audience came up and represented humans.  We then were talking about what species we came from. We kept on talking about that until we came to modern day humans but we started as animals! Klaudia 6VK



We went on an earthquake simulator that remade the feelings of an earthquake in a shop.  The ground shook and all the stuff in the shop shook to. We went through each phase and felt what it was like.  Tianna 6VK


The last major thing was our second workshop where we became Palaeontologists and we had to sort these items into groups, fossils, shells, and rocks.  After we had big red boxes that had a skeleton in and we had to identify our skull that our group had.  We were given a sheet that had 4 skulls on from dinosaurs.  We were given paintbrushes to brush off the wood chips that were laid on the skull.  Our skull was an Allosaurus.   Toby 6VK





In this photo we are in front of a blue whale. It was a life size replica of an actual blue whale! It was huge.  After all of that we went home, what a busy day. 





Mr Humbug sees the light


Year 6 have had fun rehearsing and performing their Christmas production.



Christmas Fayre


At our Christmas Fayre year 6 set up tombola stalls and fun games to raise money for the school.







What a Wonderful World


On Thursday 16th November, we invited parents/carers to our exit point, where we showcased all our fantastic work/homework on the topic 'What a Wonderful World.'


The afternoon included following activities:

- making 'soil cakes'

- making  our own clouds

- creating geographical features out of salt dough

- producing Charles Fazzino art work

- answering  a quiz





We had a Design Technology (D.T) teacher visit from Trinity School who had a table containing food from around the world which we were able to sample.



Our hall was turned into a gallery for the afternoon!






Visit to Baitul Ehsan Mosque


On Thursday 16th November, Year 6 visited the Mosque in Leamington Spa. Our session, which was led by Mrs Attia Shams, allowed Year 6 to ask a variety of questions.  Also, Mrs Shams explained the meaning of Islam. During our visit, Year 6 were lucky enough to eat samosas and cupcakes- they were delicious!

The visit was very informative and we learnt something new.  A big thank you to Mrs Shams  and her team for organising such an interesting morning







Blood Soup


In science, year 6 created 'blood soup'.  Children were given cubes, bubble wrap, foam, coins and water.  In groups they were asked to use the objects to represent the four components within our blood - red blood cells, white bloods, platelets and plasma.  They were then asked to create a fact-file on the different functions within our blood.







Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in a Bikeability course which is designed to give children the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. Everyone who completed

the course was awarded with a Bikeability certificate of achievement and a badge.




Robinwood 2017


Year 6 had a fantastic time on their annual trip to Robinwood. They took part in a variety of activities which helped to build their confidence, team working, communication and listening skills. They all pushed themselves and should be proud of their efforts. Some of the activities the children participated in included canoeing, raft-building, trapeze, caving, zip-wire and the piranha pool (all the children returned with their limbs intact). The children were fantastic and represented our school brilliantly – well done everyone!
































STEM Day at Trinity School


On Thursday 14th September, Year 6 were kindly invited to Trinity Catholic School for a fun-packed day of activities in science, design and technology.


Both classes made delicious cheese pizza and worked at separating materials by filtering and evaporating salt walter.  In design technology, 6VK made pencil cases out of plastic bags and 6SU made a light and discussed the importance of renewable energy.








Pizza Treat


Thanks to the Friends of All Saints’, year 6 enjoyed pizzas as a well-done treat for all their hard work and fantastic effort during SATs.






Keeping Safe


Year 6 were visted by the Warwickshire County Council's Road Safety Officer who talked to them about road safety awareness and keeping safe when walking to school.





Journey Safe Roadshow


On Tuesday 7th March year 6 took part in a Road Safety theatre presentation from Warwickshire Road Safety Club that enables pupils to recognise risks and stay safe when travelling to and from secondary school in the new Autumn term. The team talked about road safety, getting buses and using bikes on public roads.  The children enjoyed the show which helped to raise important issues in an engaging way.




Making Movies


Year 6 pupils have been making 1920's films in literacy as part of their topic on evolution and the rise and fall of Neanderthals and Homo-Sapiens.




Lego STEM Workshop


On Tuesday 7th March, five children from year 6 visited Warwick Prep School to attend a Lego STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) workshop. They were set six quite challenging problems to work out. They needed to work well as a team and think differently about how they approached the problems. They enjoyed driving a Lego Rover through a course, built a moving tadpole out of Lego and built a bridge to hold three very heavy cans. The children behaved brilliantly and worked very well together.









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