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International School


In May, Mrs Garrett visited Lithuania as part of our Erasmus project - Hooked onto Healthy Lifestyle. This is the final, 7th visit of this project. The children may have told you that the first year had a focus on healthy eating, with this second year focusing on exercise and healthy living. The staff and children from all 7 countries have really enjoyed sharing their learning. We'd like to encourage you to have a look at the shared blog at: to find out more about the range of activities completed over the past 2 years in all of the partner countries. 




Friends of Bo


Some representatives of our Friends of Bo Club supported Mr Hussey who gave a presentation at Emscote School about his visit to Bo in Sierra Leone last month.


Lots of parents, children, Governors and OWL members came to hear all about his visit. We served refreshments, showed people how to make 'gari' (from dried, ground cassava) and ran a raffle.  We managed to raise £50.33 for One World Link towards their work with schools in Bo.








Skype Link with Bo - February 2018


Today we were lucky to connect with our partner school in Bo (BDEC Upper New Gerihun Rd) via a Skype video link. It was amazing to hear the whole school singing to us and the new Headteacher announced to us that the Lower and Upper schools at New Gerihun Rd have federated to become one school. We were able to watch them on our big screen in the hall. Two members of Friends of Bo Club, Zeke and Jack, made a speech and we all sang "You are my brother".


Mr Hussey from Emscote has been spending the week visiting schools in Bo and facilitating some teacher training.







Erasmus+ Visit - October 2017


We have had a really exciting week with our Erasmus visitors from all across Europe in school. The children have been undertaking healthy lifestyle workshops, learning traditional songs and games and performing various showcases.


Year 6 were taught by teachers from both Lithuania and Greece. They learnt about their languages and some key phrases. They also took part in some folk dancing and listened to their music. They asked them questions and listened carefully to their answers, they learnt   a lot of interesting facts about both countries.







The year 6 children also had a lesson about healthy eating and established which foods were

healthy and unhealthy.





Global Goals


We have recently been reminded in assembly about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and have been talking about what we can do to help these goals to be achieved. Every year we take part in the 'Send my Friend to school' campaign which support Global Goal 4 - Quality Education for all. We have discussed this in our classes and taken photos to represent what we think and feel about education.


Year 3



Year 4


We have chosen to do all things related to education in 4's (as 4 is the focus!)



Year 5



Year 6


We created a spiral to show how education can lead to everything else. We also linked arms to show that we can help each other with our education and that we are all part of our learning.





Day of the African Child


On Friday 16th June, our year 6 pupils joined 12 other schools from the local area to celebrate Day of the African Child.  The day was held at Lillington School this year.  All 13 schools marched around the field as they would do in Bo, with banners and flags to the sound of African djembe drums.  They had the opportunity to take part in 6 different workshops which included drumming, dancing, drama, storytelling, singing and sports.


Matt Western, our new MP attended the day, and the children were able to present their petitions for the ‘send my friend’ campaign urging our Government to improve the opportunities for children all over the world to receive a quality education.







Learning about Latvia


We have just received the pet box from Latvia which is now on display in our library.  The box included a ladybird called Marite which is Latvia's National insect.






Learning the Spanish Way


Miss Lampard visited the Spanish town of Lleida recently as part of the the Erasmus+ programme (see below). Together with Mr Queralt and Mrs Smith from Emscote Infant School, and armed with Greece's pet box, she had the privilege of attending the town's Paisos Catalans School. They toured around the school grounds, joined in lessons and made friends with the staff and children of the school. As part of the visit they were also lucky enough to be shown around the town and to visit the local attractions there, including the Old Cathedral of St. Mary of La Seu Vella. They also experienced much of the local cuisine, including snails and octopus. It was a thoroughly rewarding time and one that all three members of staff will treasure. They all look forward to sharing their experiences with the rest of the schools.


























Learning from Larissas


During an assembly explaining the Erasmus+ project Hooked On Healthy Living (see below) Mrs Garrett told the children about her trip to Hungary, showing lots of photos of her visit there last November. There is an Erasmus display in the library area where children can come and look at various artefacts and books. The display features the Greek Pet Box with Balios the horse. Our linked Greek school is in Larissas on the East coast and the pupils are aged 4-14; they have sent us some amazing drawings and a wonderful display of seeds.




Festive Fare


As part of All Saints' and Emscote schools' Erasmus+ project work (see below) the school has Greece's Pet Box which contains Balios the horse. Each country in the collaboration is invited to contribute to a European recipe book, making traditional festive food with their children. Year 4 demonstrated their culinary skills for their equine friend, showing him how to make mince pies. There were some splendid personalised designs.








Global Christmas


The theme for our displays in the hall this festive season is Christmas Around the World. Each year group has studied a different country to discover how Christmas is celebrated in other cultures. They chose from countries which are taking part in our new Erasmus+ project (see below). 


Year 6 learned about Greece, and the theme of their display reflected the long-standing tradition during the Christmas season, because of their great maritime history, of decorating small, wooden boats to symbolise their thankful spirit for the safe return of the father and his sons against the odds of nature and the harsh winter sea.


Year 5 heard about La Befana, a witch who flies around delivering sweets to children at the time of Epiphany, from one of their fellow students and his mother who are from Italy.


Year 4 learned about Hungary from Mrs Garrett, who recently visited the country as part of the Erasmus + project. They discovered that children in Hungary hang boots and stockings for St Nicholas when he visits on 6th December. They then celebrate on Christmas Eve with their families.


Year 3 discovered that Latvia is thought to be the home of the first Christmas tree. They also learned that Christmas dinner in that country can have as many as 12 courses! 


We enjoyed learning about the many similarities, as well as the differences, in the way Christmas is celebrated in these countries. 







Erasmus+ - Sharing Expertise in Europe


We are lucky to have been awarded funding through the Erasmus+ programme, a European Commission initiative that encourages strategic partnerships between schools across Europe. These partnerships tackle particular issues related to schools education, such as teaching standards, entrepreneurship, citizenship, basic skills or linguistic skills, through collaboration and innovation. We will be undertaking a two-year project called Hooked On Healthy Living with partners in Spain, Itlay, Lithuania, Greece, Latvia and Hungary, sharing experiences and exchanging practices. We look forward to visiting other countries and to returning with some new learning experiences.



Sharing Keeping Safe Ideas


We took part in a reciprocal project with our link school in Bo, Sierra Leone. All Saints' pupils created posters and letters about different ways of keeping themselves safe; we have received some work back from the children in Bo. 















International Day of the African Child


Every year since 1991 the International Day of the African Child is celebrated in June. The event honours those who participated in the Soweto Uprising in 1976, when many schoolchildren were shot by police as they protested at the inadequacy of education in the township. The day helps raise awareness of the continuing need for imporvement of the education provided to African children. This June year 6 children participated in the celebrations held at St. Anthony's School in Leamington.


Mrs Booth created a new banner for the children to take to the event. The banner represents children holding hands across the globe, with figures in our school uniform and that of our link school New Gerihun Road, Bo. 










It was a wonderful day and despite the rain we had a lot of fun and created memories - especially our first Skype video link with Bo. We saw them in the OWL centre in Bo and heard them making speeches; we sang them a song in Krio -Tel amTenki.


African Link


On the same day as our celebrations in Leamington there was an event held in Bo, Sierra Leone. Bo pupil representatives from each of our 15 partner schools marched with banners and a brass band through the town before arriving at the One World Link Centre for speeches on the theme. Their programme had an advocacy approach raising awareness of the need to protect children's rights in crises.  They witnessed the Skype video call with us around lunchtime projected onto the wall at the Centre. They finished their day with a friendship meal for everyone.





Friends of Bo Club

The Friends of Bo Club, which has elected representatives from each class, meets every Friday lunchtime. The aim of the club is to help keep our link with Bo alive by engaging in research and fun activities about Sierra Leone.


The club led an assembly recently to showcase the new banner.



In November Sierra Leone announced it was finally Ebola free so we made “congratulations hands” with messages of celebration which we sent to them, along with our link project Keeping Ourselves Safe. Each class designed posters explaining their chosen safety theme. We're looking forward to receiving work from Bo on this same theme.










French Links


Frederic Nicol, a teacher at our link school (Ecole des Blagis) in Sceaux, France, came to spend the day with us.  It was great when he spoke to everyone in Assembly. His English was very good!







Global Goals


For several years we have supported the Send my Friend to School campaign,

which was part of the UN's Millennium Development Goals programme which

ran from 2000 until this year. On 25th September 2015 world leaders gather at the United Nations in new York to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda comprises 17 new Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals, which will guide policy and funding for the next 15 years,

beginning with an historic pledge to end poverty. We took part in the World's Largest Lesson, which aimed to tell as many children as possible about these new goals in the week after they were announced. Please see here for a short animation explaining the new goals.


   We are supporting Goal 4 - Quality Education for All. We have been asked 

   to make these goals as well known as possible so we have added the logos

   to our letterhead and website, and in addition to this information on the

   website we will be adding information to our newsletter. To find our more

   about what you can do please click here.









Helping Bring Elephant Pumps to Africa


As a result of having an AquAid support badge on our home page we have been able to facilitate the building of a water pump that is now bringing safe, clean drinking water to people in Africa. AquAid, who supplies water coolers to both schools in the federation, contributes a percentage of their revenue to support The Africa Trust, a charity the company co-founded to help bring fresh water to millions of people in thousands of communities. Pictured below is the Elephant Pump built on our behalf.






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