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Who's Who

Mrs Cossins

Executive Headteacher


Likes: Visiting interesting places, having a laugh

Dislikes: People without a sense of humour

Claim to fame: Martin Johnson's mum taught me PE at school




Mrs Sutherland
Associate Headteacher

Likes: Travelling to new places, socialising and having fun with friends and family, reading, gardening, pilates


Claim to fame:
I won a Blue Peter badge when I was at primary school


Mrs Reed



Likes: Dogs, Italian food and the sunshine


Dislikes: Mushrooms and rude people


Claim to fame: Rod Hull and Emu ate my ice cream at the Cotswolds Wildlife Park when I was 10


Mrs McVeigh

Clerical Assistant


Likes: Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday nights in front of the fire with my two children


Dislikes: Rudeness - manners are everything


Claim to fame: I am ambidextrous



Miss Rex-Byrd
Class Teacher

Likes: Reading, gardening and socialising

Dislikes: Walking the dog in the rain

Claim to fame: I once bumped into comedian Russel Howard in Sainsbury’s


Mrs Chadha
Class Teacher

Likes:  Warm weather, beach holidays, cricket


Claim to fame: 
I have met the Queen and Prince Philip at the Rhodes 80th celebration


Mrs Fulcher

Class Teacher

Likes: Blue skies, sandy beaches, sport, warm weather

Dislikes: Clutter

Claim to fame: I have met Paul Radcliffe, i nthe VIP area at the NEC



Miss Mohacsi
Class Teacher

Likes: Chocolate, sport, being happy

Dislikes: Arrogance, people who moan too much

Claim to fame: I met Prince Philip when I was 18


Mrs Langstone
Class Teacher

Likes: Ice-cream, chocolate, computers, snow

Dislikes: Spiders

Claim to fame: I bumped into Hugh Grant on the beach in Cornwall


Mrs Chadwick
Class Teacher

Likes: Chocolate, dancing, music, theatre

Dislikes: Computers, eggs

Claim to fame: I’ve knocked on the door of Number 10 (but they didn’t let me in!)


Mrs Banat-Rinz
Class Teacher

Likes: Nights out

Dislikes: Bogies, maggots

Claim to fame: My Dad designed the nuts and bolts for Concorde


Mrs Simms
Class Teacher

Likes: Music, dance, theatre, jet-skiing

Dislikes: People eating with their mouth open

Claim to fame:


Mr Alty
Class Teacher

Likes: Cricket, reading, social justice

Dislikes: Chewing gum, sniffing

Claim to fame: I was once the sports headline in the Courier (it was a slow news week!)


Mrs Goebey
Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Drawing and painting, long walks and pub lunches

Dislikes: Bad manners, early mornings and spiders

Claim to fame: When I was one old I danced on stage with Wayne Sleep


Mrs Knight
Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Reading, gardening

Dislikes: Rainy days

Claim to fame: I was captain of the netball team


Mr Payne
Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Old cars and bikes, drumming and Maidstone United

Dislikes: Crowds and tinned sweet corn

Claim to fame: My great uncle (Mario Corso) played football for Italy and Inter Milan


Mrs Heffernan
Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Reading and walking

Dislikes: Minced beef

Claim to fame: I starred in a training video for Boots the Chemist


Miss Kowalska
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Kind people, sunny weather, chocolate

Dislikes: Too much noise

Claim to fame: I jumped from 4000 metres (yes, I remembered my parachute!)


Mrs Thomas
Teaching Assistant

Likes: The colour green, sunny weather, chocolate

Dislikes: Spiders, rude people

Claim to fame: I have triplets


Mrs Jones
Teaching Assistant

Likes: George Clooney, David Beckham, power walking, musicals

Dislikes: Baked beans and smelly herbal tea

Claim to fame: I met (and was asked out by) Ron Atkinson who used to manage West Bromwich Albion


Mrs Wragg
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Ice-cream, sunshine, flowers, the colour pink

Dislikes: Cold weather

Claim to fame: I bumped into Timmy Mallet in London


Mr Bayley

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Cycling, films, liquorice


Dislikes: Dangerous drivers


Claim to fame: Through the window of a restaurant I saw the singer Adele crossing the road. I waved at her and she waved back!















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