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Who's Who

Mrs Cossins

Executive Headteacher


Likes: Visiting interesting places, having a laugh

Dislikes: People without a sense of humour

Claim to fame: Martin Johnson's mum taught me PE at school




Mrs Sutherland
Associate Headteacher


Likes: Travelling to new places, socialising and having fun with friends and family, reading, gardening, pilates


Claim to fame:
I won a Blue Peter badge when I was at primary school









Mrs Reed



Likes: Dogs, Italian food and the sunshine


Dislikes: Mushrooms and rude people


Claim to fame: Rod Hull and Emu ate my ice cream at the Cotswolds Wildlife Park when I was 10





Miss Bennett

Administrative Assistant




Claim to fame: 




Mrs King

Teacher – Year 6


Likes:  Travelling, being outdoors, going for walks and generally getting messy (unless it's cold outside, then it's the sofa and Frozen on the TV for me)


Dislikes: Bathing my Labrador after he's got covered in mud, One-Direction and being cold (I'm often seen wearing several layers around school)


Claim to fame: I met Kevin Keegan (when he was the manager of Manchester City) whilst wearing a Manchester United shirt, he wasn't impressed! 



Mrs Uppal

Teacher – Year 6


Likes:  Spending time with the family and playing board games with my nephew and nieces,  watching TV with a blanket


Dislikes:  People being rude and unkind, ketchup and mayonnaise


Claim to fame:  I share a birthday with Prince Charles





Mrs Will

Teacher – Year 5


Likes: Chocolate, pop music and sparkly things

Dislikes: Cucumber, chickens and rainy days


Claim to fame: I once asked a very famous footballer if he knew anything about football (I didn't know who he was! His name is Roberto Di Matteo)




Miss Cherry

Teacher - Year 5


Likes: chocolate, kindness and performing

Dislikes: rude people, sprouts and Monday mornings

Claim to fame: Someone I went to university with was in the last Harry Potter film (I was so jealous!)  



Mr Jacobs

Teacher - Year 4 and Senior Teacher

Likes: Teaching, archery, most sports and haribo

Dislikes: Beans and running uphill in the rain

Claim to fame: I helped set a Guinness World Record

for reading at Warwick Castle




Miss Lampard

Teacher – Year 4


Likes: Going on holiday, having coffee with friends and having a lie-in
Dislikes: Having to get petrol, dealing with sales people on the phone and traffic jams
Claim to fame: I have been to ex-England cricketer Kevin Pietersen's house and cooked in his kitchen with his family




Mrs Davies
Teacher - Year 3 and Senior Teacher

Likes: Sunshine, beaches, playing the guitar

Dislikes: Bad manners, people who drop litter

Claim to fame: When I was in 6th form I was in a band and we played at the NEC



Miss Codd

Teacher - Year 3


Likes: Smiles, musicals, chocolate and sheep


Dislikes: Rudeness, leeks and untidiness


Claim to fame: I have a twin brother who is seven minutes younger than me, and is also a primary school teacher





Mrs Fulcher

Teacher - Behavioural and Pastoral Support

Likes: Blue skies, sandy beaches, sport, warm weather

Dislikes: Clutter

Claim to fame: I have met Paula Radcliffe, in the VIP area at the NEC




Mrs Garrett



Likes: Social justice campaigning, socialising, dancing, gardening, most types of music and travel


Dislikes: shell-fish, turkish delight, laziness


Claim to fame: Two members of the 80s pop band Brother Beyond sang Brown Eyed Girl at my wedding





Mr Gibbins



Likes: Cricket, crosswords, comedy


Dislikes: Bad manners, reality TV shows, DIY


Claim to fame: I appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire but only won £8,000





Mrs Knight
Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Reading, gardening

Dislikes: Rainy days

Claim to fame: I was captain of the netball team



Mr Payne
Teaching Assistant

Likes:  Old cars and bikes, drumming and Maidstone United

Dislikes: Crowds and tinned sweet corn

Claim to fame: My great uncle (Mario Corso) played football for Italy and Inter Milan



Mrs Heffernan
Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor

Likes:  Reading and walking

Dislikes: Minced beef

Claim to fame: I starred in a training video for Boots the Chemist



Mrs Matthews
Teaching Assistant

Likes: Kind people, sunny weather, chocolate

Dislikes: Too much noise

Claim to fame: I jumped from 4000 metres (yes, I remembered my parachute!)



Mrs Booth

Teaching Assistant


Likes: The colour purple, chocolate, custard and glitter


Dislikes: Lying and earwigs (and especially lying earwigs!)


Claim to fame: I am related to Colonel Thomas Blood who tried to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London in 1671




Miss Jackson

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Live concerts, chocolate, spending time with family and friends


Dislikes: Baked beans, bananas, bad drivers, rudeness






Mrs Shah

Teaching Assistant


Likes: Running, reading and socialising with friends and family


Dislikes: Early mornings 


Claim to fame: I once played my clarinet in the school jazz band at Shrewsbury town football ground before a game



Mrs Callaghan

Teaching Assistant


Likes:  Chocolate and wine


Dislikes:  Bad manners


Claim to fame:  I was once on Top of the Pops, dancing behind The  Pretenders, and used to be the disco dance partner to Terri Seymour who went out with Simon Cowell.





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